Matching the right student to the right company
The project´s ultimate goal is to have more VET students starting an internship which really matches their interest field, skills and competencies. Only if interns work at a company on the tasks that matches their own competencies, skills and interest, the placement will be a win-win situation for all parties involved. The Ready Steady Internship project helps the students to

find the right kind of company. 


To reach this goal and online internship toolbox was created, which helps students find their interests and competencies and matches them with the most suitable company. Ready Steady Internship aims to support the placement, organization and implementation of internships during the vocational educational training (VET).

Create your account
To find an internship that matches your students skills and expertise, students can create an account and enter the ‘Ready’ part of the platform. This section of the website gives students an impression of internship possibilities in several sectors. What sector suits their interest best?

Take the test
Once a student has registered to the platform and studied the different sectors available, the student can enter the short self-assessment course. If all questions are answered correctly, the second section of the website opens up: the ‘Steady’ section.

Find your internship
The Steady ‘section’ include practical, easy to use tips and tools students can use to prepare their internship. Again, after students have studied this section and correctly answered the short Multiple choice assessment, the third section of the site opens up: the ‘ Internship’ section. This section shows the offer of company involved in the RSI project and the internships they offer. Students can search and find an internship that matches their interests and skills and save the company cards. The company cards include a description of the company and the internship it offers.

Lifelong learning programme

Lifelong Learning Programme The international project group of RSI works together from 2013-2015 with support from the European Commission through the Leonardo da Vinci - Long Life Learning Programme. The Leonardo da Vinci Programme funds practical projects in the field of vocational education and training. Initiatives range from those giving individuals work-related training abroad to large-scale co-operation efforts. Leonardo da Vinci enables organisations in the vocational education sector to work with partners from across Europe, exchange best practices, and increase their staff’s expertise. It should make vocational education more attractive to young people and, by helping people to gain new skills, knowledge and qualifications, the programme also boosts the overall competitiveness of the European labour market.