RSI project meeting in Angouleme, FR

  • May 21st and 22nd the Ready Stead Internship project partners got together in Angouleme, FR to discuss project progress and talk about next steps to take in the project. 


    Unfortunately, due to internal organisational issues of the German project partner and project coordinator, the German partner had to withdraw from the project. The project meeting in Angouleme was an important moment for the partners to discuss re-distribution of tasks, rescheduling of planning, etc. In spite of this unfortunate event, all partners joined forces and activated their network in Germany to make sure the project will not get jeopardized. National tasks in Germany are taken over by the partners as much as possible. BDF, being well experienced in project leadership and coordination, will take over the management and coordination of the project. The project duration will be extended until December 31st this year, so plenty of time to create fulfil the aims of the project; preparing students for internships and connecting them to the world of work.


    Wanted: Companies with internship vacancies

  • Is your company looking for motivated interns but lacking the time to go to schools to present the company and have a comprehensive selection process? 


    The Ready Steady Internship project will develop a web tool that facilitates and supports the search and choice process of internships for students. The web tool will contain a section where companies can present their internship vacancies.
    Besides informing students about the jobs available, the web tool prepares students for the applying procedure. How do you write a CV? How to stand out with your application letter? How to impress during a job interview?

    Companies that are subscribed to this database can be satisfied that well prepared, motivated and committed students will apply for the internship vacancy.  Contact the national project coordinator for more information.


    Fruitful meeting Ready Steady Internship project

  • On December 18th and 19th the project partners of the Ready – Steady – Internship project had a fruitful meeting at the premises of Business Development Friesland in Amsterdam.


    During the meeting the project progress and future plans were discussed. The first step that needs to be undertaken is the finalisation of materials for the website. When this is done, the English version of the website can be launched. The website will provide teachers/trainers in vocational education with a simple and coherent tool to facilitate and support the search and choice process of internships for students. Eventually the website, including the tool, will be available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, English and Polish.



    Ready Steady Internship project promoted at the annual EfVET conference

  • The Readty Steady Internship project was promoted by RSI project partners Business Development Friesland during the 23rd EfVET Annual International Conference. The theme this year concentrated on bringing Business and VET together in partnership.  It explored good models of partnership and addressed the ‘How’ in terms of business engagement; skills development and more. 


    Website online

  • The preliminary website is now online. It provides background information on the project and the partners and will feature the latest news. If you like to get involved in our project contact the partner in your country. Contact details can be found on the website. 


    In the end the website will include all the necessary documents and tools for VET students and teachers to find a real matching internship. The website and all tools will become available in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Dutch.


    Project RSI kicked-off in Zwickau, DE

  • The first meeting was held in Zwickau, Germany, hosted by August Horch Akademie. In this meeting the project partners discussed about the possible format of the online website. The initial idea is to create an online internship box in the form of a game, which helps the student find their interests and competencies and matches them with the most suitable company.